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Lahore Smart City ‘Polo in Pink’ Tournament Officially Commences

Lahore Polo Club in partnership with the Pink Ribbon Foundation and Lahore Smart City, officially launched the Lahore Smart City Polo in Pink Polo Tournament 2023. This marks a significant moment for women’s participation in polo and raises awareness about breast cancer. The event invited 15 young female polo players from around the world to promote breast cancer awareness through the power of sport.

Imran Zahid, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Lahore Smart City, Zahid Arif, the CFO, and Umar Aftab, CEO of Pink Ribbon Pakistan, along with others, were present at the event. The event was attended by LPC’s executive committee members, senior members, and women players from various countries.


The Chief Operating Officer of Lahore Smart City, emphasized the company’s long-standing relationship with polo and their commitment to raising awareness about breast cancer through this annual tournament. He pledged ongoing support for positive activities in the future.

Thirteen foreign female players from countries like America, England, Australia, Holland, and Iran gathered in Lahore for this important event. They aimed to make a significant contribution to breast cancer awareness under the banner of Pink Ribbon Pakistan. Two Pakistani players also participated in this international gathering, and each player their separate team.

The players are: Ayesha Hai and Sophia Din Ali Khan from Pakistan, Mrs. Afia, Al-Hadith Soltani, and Saher Al-Yaqoubi from Iran; William Minley of Holland; Philippa Henry from Australia; and Romina Sinclair from England, there are Sally Cates, Charlotte Amy, Natasha Monica, Isabel Victoria, Chloe Victoria Horswell, Scarlett Natasha, and Dominique Tennis.

The players praised the tournament’s important aim and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to compete in the Pink Polo Tournament. They admired the hospitality and beauty of Lahore and looked forward to an exciting and competitive week of polo.


The 15 teams are divided into two groups: Group A with seven teams and Group B with eight teams. The tournament will conclude in a grand final on Sunday, October 29, following a week of exciting competitions.

Two pools include the participating teams: Pool-A comprises ZS, Master Paints, FG Polo Team, Remington Pharma, Diamond Paints, Lahore Smart City, and The Noorpur Bandobast. Pebble Breaker, DS Polo/Sheikhoo, Platinum Homes, Barry’s, Guard Group, Newage Cables, and Rijas Polo make up Pool-B.

Additionally, four matches were played at the Lahore Polo Club grounds, with various teams showcasing their skills. The tournament’s final is set to take place on October 29 at Polo Ground 7, Golf Lane GOR, Lahore.

Lahore Smart City looks forward for more collaborations like this for beneficial activities. The officials are dedicated in supporting events that promote a brighter future and bring about meaningful change in the community.


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