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Elon Musk’s Late-Night Email to Twitter Employees: “Office is Not Optional!”

Elon Musk is a man of many talents and companies, and one of his latest endeavor’s has been taking over as the CEO of Twitter. Since taking the helm, he has implemented a number of radical changes, including layoffs and a shift in the company’s culture. Recently, he even sent out an email to employees in the middle of the night reminding them that coming to the office is not optional. In this article, we will explore these changes and what they mean for the future of Twitter.

The first major change that Elon Musk implemented upon taking over as CEO was a reduction in the workforce. Before his arrival, Twitter had around 7,500 employees. However, he quickly cut this number down to around 2,000 through a series of layoffs. These layoffs began in early November, with around 3,700 employees being let go. They continued until this year, with the most recent round taking place just last month.

In a surprise move, Elon Musk fired nearly 200 people in the last week of February. The impact of this move was felt most heavily by product managers, data scientists, and engineers. As per reports, the team responsible for monetizing Twitter’s services was cut down to less than one-third of its original size, with only eight people remaining out of the previous team of 30. The layoffs also affected Esther Crawford, the head of Twitter Blue, who was reportedly working closely with Musk to develop the platform’s new version, Twitter 2.0. Despite her dedication and efforts, she was also let go in the recent rounds of layoffs.

These layoffs were not without controversy. A picture of Esther Crawford taking a nap in a sleeping bag at Twitter’s office went viral on social media. There were instances where Twitter employees were informed about their termination when they discovered that they were unable to access their work laptops and email accounts. These moves were seen by many as being ruthless and heartless, particularly during a time when many people were struggling due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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However, Elon Musk defended these layoffs, stating that they were necessary to cut costs and make Twitter a more streamlined and efficient company. He also stated that he wanted to create a culture at Twitter that was focused on innovation and growth, rather than bureaucracy and stagnation.

Another major change that Musk has implemented at Twitter is the monetization of the blue tick verification badge. Prior to his arrival, the blue tick was reserved for a select number of people who met certain criteria. There was no charge for this verification, and it was seen as a mark of authenticity.

However, after Musk took over as CEO, he changed this policy. Now, anybody can buy the blue tick by subscribing to Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service that offers a number of features and benefits. What’s more, people can even hide the fact that they have bought the blue tick by subscribing to Twitter Blue. This move has been met with some criticism, as it has been seen as cheapening the value of the blue tick and making it less meaningful.

Perhaps the most significant change that Elon Musk has implemented at Twitter, however, is a shift in the company’s culture. He has made it clear that he wants to create a culture at Twitter that is focused on innovation, growth, and collaboration. This has meant breaking down the silos that existed within the company and promoting a more open and transparent environment.

Musk has also been very clear that he expects his employees to be fully committed to the company and to its mission. This is why he recently sent out an email to employees reminding them that coming to the office is not optional. In the email, he expressed his frustration that Twitter’s San Francisco office was half empty the day before. He made it clear that he expects all employees to be fully engaged and committed to the company’s success.


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