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Tunisian Tennis Star Donates Prize Money to Palestinians

In a deeply moving moment captured on video, Tunisian tennis sensation Ons Jabeur got emotional as she expressed her heartfelt support for the children of Gaza. She announced her decision to contribute a portion of her prize money to aid the Palestinians who have been enduring the sustained aggression resulting from the Israeli occupation.

Ons Jabeur, who holds the seventh rank in the world of tennis, made this pledge following her victory over Marketa Vondrousova during the 2023 WTA finals. Overwhelmed with emotion, she shared, “I am very happy with the win, but I haven’t been happy lately, to be honest with you. The situation in the world doesn’t make me happy.” Her voice quivered, and tears welled up as she continued, “It’s very tough seeing children, babies dying every day. It’s heart-breaking. So, I’ve decided to donate part of my prize money to help the Palestinians. I cannot be happy with just this win, with what is happening. I’m sorry, guys; I know it’s supposed to be about tennis, but it’s very frustrating looking at videos every day.” She emphasized that her message was not political but rooted in humanity, expressing her desire for peace in the world.

The video of Jabeur’s compassionate speech has been circulating on social media, earning her admiration for her courageous stance in supporting the Palestinian cause. She had previously expressed her solidarity with the Palestinians on Instagram, calling for an end to violence against them and emphasizing the importance of achieving peace.

Unsurprisingly, Jabeur’s show of support for the Palestinian people drew the ire of Israel, which called on the International Tennis Federation and the Women’s Tennis Association to take punitive measures against the Tunisian champion, accusing her of backing a “murderous terrorist organization.”

In contrast, the Tunisian Ministry of Youth and Sports extended its wholehearted support to Ons Jabeur and affirmed its unwavering backing for all Tunisian athletes who champion the Palestinian cause.

Ons Jabeur had made history in June 2021 by becoming the first Arab woman to win a WTA tournament, defeating Russian Daria Kasatkina in the final of the Birmingham Classic.


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