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Israeli Jets Target Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital in Gaza

On Monday, Israeli jets struck the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital located in Gaza. This hospital is the only medical facility for cancer patients in the blockaded region. Dr. Subhi Skaik, a hospital representative, reported that Israeli warplanes bombed the hospital’s third floor, causing significant damage and igniting a fire that was later contained.

These attacks also damaged many important electromechanical systems and exposed medical staff and patients to extreme danger. Skaik revealed that the Israeli army had targeted the locality of the hospital in previous days as well.

The Turkish government had funded the construction of this hospital between 2011 and 2017, making it the largest medical facility in Palestine, boasting a capacity of 180 beds across six floors and covering an area of 34,800 square meters (375,000 square feet).

In the ongoing conflict, the Israeli army has intensified its air and ground assaults on the Gaza Strip. The violence erupted after Hamas launched an attack on October 7th. The toll has been devastating, with nearly 9,850 casualties, including 8,306 Palestinians and over 1,538 Israelis.

Türkiye condemned Israel’s attack on the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, strongly emphasizing that no justification exists for such an assault. The Turkish Foreign Ministry, in a statement, highlighted that all necessary information, including the institution’s coordinates, had been shared with Israeli authorities.

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The ministry further condemned Israel’s inhumane attacks, asserting that they violated international law and emphasized that Israel must cease indiscriminate targeting of Gaza’s residents.

Moreover, Israeli airstrikes since October 7th have repeatedly hit hospitals, residences, as well as places of worship like mosques and churches. According to the Geneva Convention, targeting hospitals is strictly prohibited.


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