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Sutlej River Flood Engulfs Houses, Wipes Out Crops, and Leaves Locals Stranded

In a distressing turn of events, the Sutlej River is experiencing a severe flood due to the release of a substantial amount of water from India. This flood has resulted in the submersion of numerous villages in Pakpattan, leaving inhabitants stranded and causing widespread destruction.

The sudden inflow of 150,000 cusecs of water has breached Burewala’s defenses, inundating multiple villages and vast expanses of farmland. Protective embankments that safeguard these areas have been compromised, leading to the extensive flooding of settlements and displacing local residents. Additionally, the floodwaters have ravaged thousands of acres of crops, posing a severe threat to agricultural livelihoods.

Trapped in their homes, the residents of Pakpattan, particularly those in Rehmani Malkana and its neighboring areas, are grappling with the dire consequences of the flooding. Livestock has also been affected, lacking sufficient fodder and facing deteriorating conditions.

Regrettably, reports indicate inadequate facilities at flood relief and medical camps, exacerbating the challenges faced by flood victims. The need for immediate government assistance is paramount to provide relief and medical aid to those affected.

Rising water levels in the Sutlej River have been a cause for concern, particularly at Head Sulemanki, where the influx and outflow of water have reached 155,330 cusecs. The substantial force of the water has led to unprecedented devastation in Bahawalnagar after more than three decades, as protective embankments crumbled under the onslaught of the floodwaters. This calamity has submerged scores of settlements and caused significant crop loss.

Remarkably, rescue teams have managed to evacuate over 7,000 individuals to safer locations, showcasing the dedication and determination of these brave responders. Unfortunately, similar tales of destruction have emerged from Arifwala and Minchinabad, underscoring the widespread impact of this disaster.

In the midst of this crisis, the water levels in the Sutlej River have begun to recede at Kasur. Although this might bring a glimmer of hope, the region’s challenges are far from over. The receding waters have revealed a landscape altered by flooding, with rising temperatures and a scarcity of fodder for the surviving livestock.

The flood’s repercussions have extended to Khairpur Tamewali Tehsil, where the Zamindara Dam breach has isolated numerous villages. Suburbs such as Jamalpur, Noorpur, and Chakri are now grappling with the encroaching floodwaters, disrupting land routes and exacerbating the isolation of these rural communities.

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As the floodwaters from Head Islam continue to surge, more than 100,000 kiosks have surpassed flood levels and are inching toward Khairpur Tamewali. The region remains in a critical state, urging for swift and comprehensive efforts to provide relief, medical support, and rehabilitation to those affected by this devastating flood.


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