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Sellers and Users of Honking Toy Horns to Face Action on Independence Day

As Pakistan prepares to celebrate its 76th Independence Day on August 14, a judicial magistrate court has taken a stand against the use of honking toy horns that have become a source of annoyance and inconvenience for citizens. The court’s recent order directs action against both sellers and users of these noisy gadgets, aiming to ensure a more peaceful and respectful celebration.

The court’s decision comes as a response to numerous complaints regarding the excessive use of honking toy horns during the month of August, particularly around Independence Day celebrations. These horns, often used to amplify the festive atmosphere, have unfortunately led to disturbances for individuals, especially those who are unwell or facing other challenges.

Citing Section 190(c) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), the court has instructed law enforcement agencies to take strict action against anyone found using or selling honking toy horns. The order emphasizes that the use of such horns, under the pretext of celebrating independence, should not cause public nuisance or inconvenience to others.

In line with this decision, station house officers (SHOs) in areas like Sharafi Goth and Sachal Goth have been directed to enforce these measures effectively. By taking these actions, the court hopes to encourage a more considerate and respectful celebration of Independence Day.

Independence Day in Pakistan is a significant occasion marked by various expressions of patriotism and devotion to the country. People adorn their vehicles, homes, and marketplaces with green colors and flags of Pakistan. The day often begins with special prayers for the nation’s progress and prosperity, followed by symbolic gun salutes in different parts of the country.

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This year, as Pakistan commemorates its 76th year of independence, the focus is not only on celebrating freedom but also on ensuring that the celebrations are inclusive and harmonious for all citizens. By cracking down on the use of noisy honking toy horns, the court’s decision reflects a commitment to honoring the spirit of independence while also respecting the peace and well-being of the entire community.


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