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Popular YouTuber Rahim Pardesi Reveals Shocking Attack on Instagram

Rahim Pardesi, also known as Nasreen, is a popular Pakistani YouTuber, actor, singer, and comedian. He recently surprised his fans with a worrying update on Instagram.

Usually known for his funny videos where he dresses in women’s clothes, Rahim showed a more serious side of his life in his latest post. He shared a picture on his Instagram story where he looked disheveled, with a torn shirt and a visible head injury. The caption indicated he had been attacked.

Rahim thanked his fans for their support and prayers, writing, “Thank you for your support and remember me in your prayers.” This post led to an outpouring of sympathy from social media users, who have been sending him their well-wishes and concerns.

Rahim Pardesi has a large following and often shares details of his personal life on social media. He previously revealed on his YouTube channel that he has two wives and successfully manages his family life. He has three children with his first wife, Sameera, and his second wife, Soumya Raham, is a doctor.


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