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Police Raid Illegal Kidney Transplant Centre in DHA, Lahore

In a recent operation, the Organised Crime Unit (OCU) of Lahore police has successfully dismantled an alleged massive kidney transplant racket operating within the premises of a rented farmhouse located in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA). This illicit scheme, reportedly spearheaded by senior local doctors from Dubai, has been put to a halt.

The police action was initiated after receiving credible information about the ongoing illegal activities at the farmhouse. Upon raiding the location, the police were able to apprehend eight individuals associated with the nefarious network. These arrests include not only the suspected doctors but also assistants, paramedics, and other staff members involved in the operation of the illegal kidney transplant center.

The senior local doctors in question, Dr Tariq and Dr Arshad, managed to evade capture during the raid, while their alleged ringleader, Dr Saqib, had already fled to Dubai. It has been revealed that the doctors used their base in Dubai to facilitate the illegal kidney transplants. Foreign patients in need of kidney transplants were enticed to come to Pakistan, where they would undergo the illegal procedures at the farmhouse.

The police believe that the doctors also coerced financially vulnerable individuals from Lahore and other parts of the province into becoming kidney “donors.” These donors, often from impoverished backgrounds, were allegedly paid between Rs50,000 to Rs80,000 for their organs. This disturbing practice highlights the exploitation of the less fortunate for financial gain.

The farmhouse, discreetly repurposed as an illegal kidney transplant center, was situated on Bedian Road in Lahore. The police have conveyed that the doctors, especially Dr Saqib, are no strangers to such illegal activities, further underscoring the significance of bringing them to justice.

During the raid, two foreign nationals who were undergoing kidney transplant procedures were discovered and subsequently transferred to Services Hospital Lahore in serious condition. The authorities are continuing their efforts to track down the Dubai-based ringleader, Dr Saqib, who is believed to have played a pivotal role in luring foreign patients in need of kidney transplants to Lahore.


This operation shines a spotlight on the importance of vigilance and timely action against illegal activities such as organ trafficking. The police had reportedly shared information about this racket with the Punjab Human Organ Transplant Authority (P-HOTA) earlier, but the response from concerned officials was either delayed or insufficient. This incident underscores the need for improved coordination and prompt action from relevant authorities to effectively combat such criminal enterprises.

The successful raid on the illegal kidney transplant center in Lahore serves as a reminder that vigilant law enforcement and cooperation between agencies are essential in curbing organized crime and protecting vulnerable individuals from exploitation. The arrests made during this operation send a clear message that illegal activities will not go unchecked, and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions.

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The dismantling of the illegal kidney transplant center in Lahore’s DHA marks a significant victory for law enforcement against organized crime. The operation highlights the importance of continued efforts to identify and combat illegal activities that exploit the vulnerable and compromise the principles of medical ethics and humanitarian values.


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