Sunday, December 3, 2023
Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Live Streamer Earned About $18.7M, Promoting Each Product for Just 3 Seconds

In the realm of live streaming e-commerce, where gimmicks often take center stage, a new trend is emerging—low-effort, minimalist approaches. Enter Douyin live streamer Zheng Xiang Xiang, who recently achieved a remarkable feat by generating a staggering 100 million yuan (S$18.7 million) in sales within just seven days.

The live streamer is easily identified by her daily wardrobe, which consists of a black  dress. Her deadpan style and quick product introductions—she spends about three seconds on each item.
The assistant of  Xiang Xiang gives her a box; she quickly shows off the item, says how much it costs, and pushes it away. Simple presentation, no long explanations or upselling.

Despite the luxurious appearance, all the items she sells are reportedly priced below 10 yuan (S$1.9).
It’s estimated that Xiang Xiang sold around ten million units in the past week to reach the impressive 100 million yuan mark.

Xiang Xiang has been a well-known figure in the live streaming industry since 2017, but in the last month, her fame has increased significantly. She became the “Dark Horse” of the Douyin e-commerce business in October after gaining over a million followers in just three days. Douyin is an online marketplace that enables users to set up their own store, making it incredibly simple for customers to make purchases with only a few clicks.


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