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Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza Cause Massive Carbon Emissions, Study Finds

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza have caused more carbon emissions in the first 120 days than the annual output of 26 countries combined, according to a study by Queen Mary University in London.

The study highlights how Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, 2023, have harmed the environment. It underscores the intersection of military conflict and environmental damage, urging global attention to mitigate these impacts on climate change.

During the initial 120 days of conflict, the emissions exceeded what 26 countries produce in a whole year. The attacks from October to February emitted between 420,265 to 652,552 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. This surpasses the combined annual emissions of those 26 countries.

The research breaks down the emissions into three main parts: emissions from flights, the carbon footprint of munitions, and the energy needed for reconstruction. Between October and February, 244 cargo flights from the US to Israel transported 10,000 tonnes of equipment, using around 61.2 to 83.4 million liters of fuel. Israeli fighter jets and surveillance planes used between 57.8 and 85.9 million liters of fuel, resulting in emissions ranging from 261,800 to 372,480 tonnes of CO2.

The study also looks at emissions from munitions. The Israeli military used 100,000 artillery shells, causing emissions equivalent to 12,000 tonnes of CO2. Bombardments added 58,165 to 72,706 tonnes of CO2, with production contributing 70,165 to 86,306 tonnes.

In Gaza, energy production was disrupted, shifting reliance to diesel generators after local resources were destroyed. This led to emissions of 19,440 to 58,320 tonnes of CO2 from generator fuel. Rebuilding damaged structures in Gaza could further emit 46.8 to 60 million tonnes of CO2, comparable to annual emissions from over 135 countries.


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