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Islam Helped Me in My 10-Year Long Battle with Depression: Yashma Gill

Actress Yashma Gill, known for her candid and honest demeanor, recently opened up about her remarkable journey from atheism to Islam in an exclusive interview. During this heartfelt conversation, she not only discussed her career but also shed light on how embracing Islamic teachings had a profound impact on her life, particularly in her decade-long battle with depression.

Yashma Gill’s transition from atheism to Islam is a testament to the transformative power of faith. She emphasized the importance of not merely inheriting one’s religion but actively learning and understanding it. “Don’t inherit your religion, learn it,” she passionately shared with her audience.

As an atheist, Yashma Gill found herself pondering spiritual matters and actively researching various religious perspectives on profound questions. She often engaged in deep discussions with a Muslim friend who encouraged her to move beyond theoretical contemplation and to practically embrace Islamic teachings to truly grasp the essence of the religion.

Yashma embarked on a personal experiment by initially committing to pray five times a day, motivated by her desire to prove that these practices would not significantly alter her perspective on religious matters. She also undertook the rigorous month of Ramadan fasting. However, her journey took an unexpected turn.

By the end of Ramadan, Yashma noticed a significant positive change in her life. Her anxiety levels decreased, and the cloud of depression that had haunted her for ten years began to dissipate. She realized that the act of following Islamic teachings had brought newfound peace and clarity to her life.

However, when she momentarily abandoned these practices, Yashma experienced the return of her former negative thought patterns and overthinking tendencies. It was a powerful revelation for her, which she interpreted as a sign from Allah.

Yashma Gill’s remarkable transformation ultimately led her to fully embrace Islam and become a practicing Muslim. Her story serves as a reminder that faith and spirituality can provide solace and healing, even in the most challenging of battles, such as depression.

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In a world where discussions about faith are often complex and divisive, Yashma’s journey is a beacon of hope, emphasizing the importance of personal exploration and the potential for positive change that can emerge from an open heart and an open mind.


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