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Feroze Khan says Islam, feminism go hand-in-hand after fan called him ‘hypocritical’

Popular actor Feroze Khan has been actively advocating for feminism on social media, wearing a hat that reads ‘Feminist AF.’ While many fans appreciate his efforts, some have raised concerns about what they perceive as conflicting values between feminism and Islam. In response, Khan defended his position, asserting that feminism and Islam can indeed coexist harmoniously.

The actor’s support for feminism was evident when he posted a selfie donning the ‘Feminist AF’ hat. He expressed love and admiration for his sister Humaima Malick, who, he said, taught him to be more compassionate and understanding. Although the post received praise from some followers who recognized his good intentions, others accused him of having double standards due to his previous promotions of Islam.

One particular fan openly called out Feroze Khan’s supposed hypocrisy, claiming that Islam and feminism cannot go hand-in-hand. The fan argued that Islamic teachings do not promote gender equality, citing various aspects of marriage, adoption, inheritance, and society where men and women are treated unequally. In response to this criticism, Khan highlighted the importance of understanding the true essence of both religion and feminism.

Khan firmly believes that feminism and Islam are intrinsically linked and do not contradict one another. To explain his viewpoint, he gave the example of Amma Fatima (SAW), a revered figure in Islam, stating that her status demonstrates an inherent form of feminism. The actor argued that the concept of feminism has been misunderstood due to a lack of accurate information and encouraged people to educate themselves to find the real connection between the two.

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However, it’s worth noting that Khan has faced criticism in the past for some of his comments on feminism. During an “Ask Me Anything” session on Instagram, he was asked to provide advice to young women aged 21 to 25 years old who were feeling anxious about their future, particularly regarding work. In his response, Khan suggested that women should “obey” their partners, which sparked controversy and raised eyebrows among some of his followers.

Despite this, Feroze Khan’s recent stance on supporting feminism underscores his belief in its compatibility with Islam. He stands firm in his conviction that advocating for gender equality aligns with the teachings of Islam, which, he asserts, provides elevated status and respect for both men and women.

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Feroze Khan has been an active proponent of feminism and has faced criticism from some fans who view his stance as contradictory to his previous promotion of Islam. However, the actor remains steadfast in his belief that feminism and Islam can go hand-in-hand, urging others to seek a deeper understanding of both concepts before passing judgment. As he continues to use his platform to advocate for gender equality, Khan sparks a conversation about the intersection of feminism and religious beliefs, challenging societal perceptions and promoting a more inclusive future.


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