Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Coca-Cola Releases ‘Y3000’ Flavor Made with AI

Coca-Cola has introduced a new soda called Y3000, and what’s interesting is that it’s the first flavor made with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

To make this special flavor, Coca-Cola asked people all over the world to share their thoughts about the future, including their feelings, dreams, colors, and tastes they associate with it. They then used this information, along with insights from AI, to create the Y3000 taste. They haven’t described the exact flavor, but it comes in regular and zero sugar versions. AI also helped design the can, giving it a futuristic look with a pixelated logo, shiny chrome colors, and splashes of purple, pink, and blue. The can is meant to symbolize a positive future with its changing colors.

According to Oana Vlad, a senior director at Coca-Cola, they wanted to imagine what a Coca-Cola from the future might taste like to ensure the brand remains popular in the year 3000. They combined human and AI intelligence to create this unique soda.

The zero-sugar Y3000 will be available for a limited time in certain places like the U.S., Canada, China, Europe, and Africa.

AI is still in its early stages in the food and beverage industry, but it’s clear it can change how products are made and marketed.

Besides the unique flavor, Coca-Cola is also partnering with the luxury streetwear brand Ambush to release a futuristic clothing collection this fall.


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