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Video calls set to arrive on former Twitter app, says X CEO

Formerly known as Twitter, the company now known as X is gearing up to bring video calling to its platform, signaling a strategic move towards becoming an all-encompassing app offering a range of services.

Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X, recently shared this upcoming feature in an interview. She emphasized that users will soon have the ability to engage in video chats without having to share their phone numbers. This move by X falls in line with the growing trend of video calls on various social platforms.

After being acquired by Elon Musk for a staggering $44 billion in October, X has faced its fair share of challenges. Linda Yaccarino, who took on the role of CEO in June, has a clear mission to not only stabilize the platform but also to revamp it. The recent name change from Twitter to X represents a shift in focus towards a more innovative perspective and a more inclusive approach to its services.

While video calling is a significant addition, X has even grander plans on the horizon. The company aims to integrate features like payments, content monetization, and potentially even online shopping and banking, all within a single, unified platform.

Yet, as with any digital platform that accumulates large amounts of user data, concerns about privacy naturally arise. Linda Yaccarino’s aspiration is to take a page out of China’s WeChat success story. She envisions molding X into a versatile and influential entity that provides a seamless and secure user experience across multiple services.

In an era where staying connected digitally has become paramount, video calling has proven to be a crucial aspect of online communication. Social media giants like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Zoom have already made video calling a staple in their platforms. X’s move to introduce video calling demonstrates a clear understanding of user needs and industry trends.

The acquisition of X by Elon Musk raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about his plans for the company. With the upcoming introduction of video calling and the broader vision to create a comprehensive platform for various services, it’s becoming clearer that Musk sees X as more than just a social media platform.

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The former Twitter, now known as X, is taking strides towards becoming a multi-faceted app by introducing video calling and setting its sights on integrating additional features like payments, content monetization, and potentially even online shopping and banking. While challenges exist, including data privacy concerns, CEO Linda Yaccarino’s ambitions to shape X into a versatile and impactful platform reflect the company’s dedication to evolving with the times and meeting user demands. As X follows this path of transformation, the tech world will be watching closely to see how this evolution unfolds.


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