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Saudi prince turns chef, takes internet by storm

Prince Nayef bin Mamdouh bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia has taken the internet by storm with his newfound passion for cooking and his hands-on involvement in his recently opened restaurant.

In a surprising turn of events, Prince Nayef has embraced the role of a chef, donning a chef’s apron and personally preparing traditional Saudi dishes at his restaurant, Makarem Najd, located in Jeddah.

At Makarem Najd, customers can savor mouthwatering Saudi delicacies like mandi, jareesh, kabsa, and more, all prepared by none other than the prince himself. What sets Prince Nayef apart is his commitment to food safety. He takes time to explain the restaurant’s rigorous safety practices to his patrons.

When questioned about his unconventional role, Prince Nayef responded with humility, saying, “Some young folks ask me, ‘Why are you doing this?’ This is my job. Work is an honor, and there’s no shame in it.”

The prince’s decision to roll up his sleeves and get into the kitchen has won him widespread admiration on social media. Many people applaud his dedication to self-employment and his willingness to engage in hands-on work.

Prince Nayef is following in the footsteps of his father, Prince Mamdouh bin Abdulaziz, known for his philanthropic endeavors. One of Prince Mamdouh’s notable projects involved the creation of a rescue helicopter with firefighting capabilities, which earned him a prestigious prize.

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Prince Nayef’s actions serve as an inspiring example of embracing work with pride and passion, regardless of one’s royal status. His commitment to traditional Saudi cuisine and dedication to ensuring a safe dining experience have endeared him to both locals and visitors alike. As he continues to cook up a storm in the kitchen, Prince Nayef is proving that work is indeed a noble pursuit, regardless of one’s royal lineage.


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