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‘Truly inspiring’: Sania Mirza showers praise on Nadia Jamil

In a heartwarming display of admiration and support, Sania Mirza, the renowned Indian tennis star, has showered praise on Nadia Jamil, a Pakistani actor and child rights activist. Sania described Nadia as “truly inspiring” for her incredible journey of healing and resilience.

Sania expressed her admiration for Nadia on the social media platform, X (formerly Twitter), where Nadia had shared a powerful narrative about her experiences as a survivor of child sexual abuse (CSA) and her path towards recovery.

In her message, Sania conveyed her deep respect for Nadia’s advocacy work and her unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of children.

Responding to Nadia’s heartfelt account of her healing journey, Sania wrote, “You are so truly inspiring. I’ve been following you and everything you do… so so amazing.”

Nadia Jamil courageously shared her story, revealing that it took her a long time to heal and thrive despite enduring unimaginable pain and suffering as a survivor of CSA. She spoke about how she had hidden from her past and lived with profound unhappiness until she discovered the tools to nurture and love herself.

Nadia emphasized the importance of acknowledging the child within all adults and underscored that healing is possible. She encouraged others to face their fears and embrace their emotions at their own pace, reminding everyone that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and to pause and take a deep breath.

The actor also expressed gratitude towards the support she received from her “beautiful tribes” and specifically thanked Emma-Jane Taylor, the founder of the #notmyshame campaign against CSA. Nadia credited her tribes with helping her break free from the burden of shame and bravely declaring that the shame only belongs to the perpetrators of abuse.

Nadia Jamil, who once felt like a scared child, has evolved into a strong and resilient adult. She called on people from Pakistan and around the world to unite in denouncing the shame attached to victims of CSA and instead place the blame squarely on the abusers. Her message resonated with the universal call for healing and a world where survivors of CSA can thrive.

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In a world often marked by silence and stigma surrounding issues like child sexual abuse, Sania Mirza’s words of praise and support for Nadia Jamil serve as a reminder of the power of solidarity and empathy. Nadia’s story and her tireless advocacy work continue to inspire individuals from all walks of life, reaffirming the belief that healing is possible, and every child, including the child within us, matters profoundly.


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