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Russia-Ukraine conflict turning into World War III, predicts Volodymyr Zelensky

Kiev, Ukraine Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has issued a stark warning that the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine could potentially lead to a global catastrophe, raising concerns of a possible World War III. In a recent interview, Zelensky emphasized the need for international support and vigilance in the face of escalating tensions.

Zelensky, 45, who is set to address the United Nations General Assembly during his visit to the United States this week, touched upon various critical topics during the interview, including nuclear war threats, the 2024 US presidential elections, and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

“If Ukraine falls, what will happen in ten years? Just think about it. If [the Russians] reach Poland, what’s next? A Third World War?” Zelensky posed this question during the interview, highlighting the significance of Ukraine’s struggle in defending democratic values. He underscored the real and pressing nature of the conflict, noting that Ukrainians were sacrificing their lives in the fight against a nuclear-armed aggressor.

Expressing gratitude for the financial support received from the United States, which has amounted to approximately $70 billion, Zelensky acknowledged the critical role of American assistance. He also voiced concerns about the potential consequences if Ukraine were to fall under Russian control, suggesting that Vladimir Putin might continue his expansionist ambitions into other European nations.

Zelensky emphasized, “What will the United States of America do when Putin reaches the Baltic states? When he reaches the Polish border? He will. This is a lot of money. We have a lot of gratitude.”

When asked if the funding was sufficient to end the war, Zelensky admitted that he did not have a definitive answer to that question, highlighting the global importance of stopping Putin’s aggression. He urged the international community to make a collective decision about whether they wanted to confront Putin’s actions or risk the outbreak of a world war.

Addressing the looming threat of nuclear war, Zelensky expressed concern that Putin might exploit the danger of nuclear weapons to create instability in the United States and Europe. He suggested that Putin would closely monitor the upcoming US presidential elections, seeking opportunities to sow discord and chaos.

Despite acknowledging the support of President Biden, Zelensky voiced some frustration about delays in receiving certain military assistance. Nevertheless, he expressed his appreciation for the United States’ continued backing in these challenging times.

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The world watches with growing apprehension as tensions between Russia and Ukraine persist, and President Zelensky’s warning serves as a stark reminder of the potential global consequences if diplomatic efforts fail to de-escalate the situation. The international community remains on high alert, hoping for a peaceful resolution to the crisis.


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