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Punjab Health Minister’s Wife’s Pharma Company Linked to Contaminated Drug

In a recent development, a batch of medicine manufactured by Don Valley Pharmaceutical has come under scrutiny for being substandard and impure. The primary and secondary healthcare department has taken swift action by issuing a nationwide recall of this particular medication due to the potential health hazards it poses. Adding a layer of complexity to the situation is the fact that Don Valley Pharmaceutical is owned by Shehla Javed, the spouse of Punjab’s Caretaker Health Minister, Prof. Javed Akram.

The alarm was raised after the Punjab Drug Testing Laboratory in Faisalabad conducted tests on the medicine, marketed as Resotin tablets, and found evidence of adulteration. These findings have prompted health authorities to call for an immediate and extensive withdrawal of the affected batch from the market.

To ensure public safety, the health department has issued a directive to all pharmacies, medical stores, and healthcare establishments to halt the distribution of the tainted medicine without delay. Additionally, these entities have been advised to get in touch with local drug inspectors and provide information regarding their current inventory of the compromised batch.

Nevertheless, Shehla, who also serves as the CEO of Don Valley Pharmaceutical, has put forth an alternate perspective on the matter. She contends that the detected traces in the medicine are linked to Paracetamol, a widely recognized and safe drug. Shehla stated, “With the utmost priority given to patient well-being, we have proactively initiated the recall process for the medication.” She went on to mention that the practice of medicine recalls, aimed at enhancing industry regulations, is a commonplace occurrence on a global scale. Surprisingly, such initiatives have been rare within Pakistan, she remarked.

Providing more insights, Shehla disclosed that out of the 50,000 units from the identified batch that were released a few months back, approximately 18,000 units have already been returned. She emphatically asserted that their internal assessments failed to detect any traces of Paracetamol in the medicine.

The unfolding situation has ignited debates and discussions across various sectors. Concerns about the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products have taken center stage. Many are calling for a thorough investigation to determine the accuracy of the testing results and to ensure accountability if any wrongdoing is discovered.

As the controversy deepens, health officials, regulatory bodies, and the public are closely watching how this issue progresses. The incident underscores the critical importance of maintaining stringent quality control measures within the pharmaceutical industry to safeguard the health and well-being of consumers.

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The identification of a contaminated batch of medicine originating from Don Valley Pharmaceutical, owned by the wife of Punjab’s Caretaker Health Minister, has sparked a nationwide recall and raised pertinent questions about pharmaceutical product safety and regulatory oversight. As investigations continue, the spotlight remains on upholding high standards of quality control in the production and distribution of medications.


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