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Pakistani CSS officer Bilal Pasha passes away

According to the police, chief executive officer Bilal Pasha of the Bannu Cantonment Board shot himself to death on Tuesday.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X are filled with posts and stories reflecting on Bilal Pasha’s modesty. Among the condolences, users are sharing the untold story of his journey, sparking curiosity about who Bilal Pasha really was and why he had such a devoted following.

As revealed by an X handle, Bilal Pasha came from a lower-middle-class family. Initially working in a private job, he later followed his father’s wish and attempted the CSS exam. In 2018, he achieved the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Bannu Cantonment Board. Even during his first interview, Bilal openly shared his humble background. Unfortunately, the challenges and pressures in his role became overwhelming, leading to his tragic end.

With a substantial Instagram following of over 37.1k people (@bilalpaasha), Bilal’s online presence is remembered by colleagues and followers. His digital legacy has become a virtual monument, honoring a public servant dedicated to serving the community.

Amid online tributes, conflicting stories about the circumstances of Bilal’s death emerge. While social media and some publications suggest a cardiac arrest due to depression. Police are investigating to determine whether it was a suicide or if there is evidence of foul play. The contrasting narratives add complexity to the already tragic and mysterious loss of Bilal Pasha.

Bilal, from Punjab, began his education in a mosque-established school and later studied at Emerson College Multan. He graduated in Agriculture from the University of Faisalabad and secured the 47th rank in the CSS examination.

People on social media are demanding an investigation into the matter, urging the police to determine whether it was a suicide or if someone was involved in his death.


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