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Pakistan Seeks Iran’s Assistance to Alleviate Medicine Shortage

ISLAMABAD, September 6, 2023 – Pakistan is facing a severe shortage of essential medicines and is actively seeking support from its neighboring country, Iran, to address this pressing issue.

In a recent development, authorities from both Pakistan and Iran have come together to formulate a comprehensive strategy aimed at ensuring a consistent supply of life-saving drugs, expediting the process to meet the urgent healthcare needs of the Pakistani population.

A pivotal meeting took place on Tuesday, where Pakistan’s Minister for National Health Services (NHS), Dr. Nadeem Jan, and Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan, Reza Amiri-Moghaddam, discussed the critical matter at hand. The discussions between the two sides encompassed a wide range of cooperative endeavors within the realm of healthcare.

Highlighting the strong and enduring ties between Pakistan and Iran, Dr. Jan stated, “Pakistan and Iran share longstanding and time-tested close fraternal relations.” He expressed the desire for both countries to exchange valuable insights and experiences, particularly in improving healthcare facilities and safeguarding citizens from diseases.

Dr. Jan emphasized the importance of continued collaboration in the field of medical education and placed a significant emphasis on health security. He stressed the necessity of working closely to prevent the cross-border transmission of diseases, underscoring the shared responsibility both nations have in ensuring the health and well-being of their citizens.

Furthermore, both sides concurred on enhancing their cooperation in the domains of health research and the provision of technical assistance. Dr. Jan praised Iran’s robust primary healthcare system, acknowledging that Pakistan could greatly benefit from the experiences and best practices employed by Iran in this sector.

In response, the Iranian ambassador, Mr. Reza Amiri-Moghaddam, expressed optimism regarding the potential for stronger collaboration in the health sector between the two neighboring nations. He recognized the immense opportunities for mutual growth and progress that such cooperation could bring.

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The shortage of essential medicines is a significant concern for Pakistan’s healthcare system, as it directly affects the well-being of its citizens. By seeking assistance from Iran, Pakistan aims to alleviate this issue promptly and effectively, drawing upon the strengths and experiences of its neighbor in the field of healthcare.

As both countries work together to develop a comprehensive strategy, the hope is that this collaborative effort will lead to a more robust and resilient healthcare system in Pakistan, ultimately ensuring the timely availability of life-saving drugs for its people.


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