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Naila Kiani Becomes First Pakistani Women to Scale 8th Tallest Mountain Manaslu Peak

Naila Kiani, a prominent mountaineer from Pakistan, has etched her name in the annals of mountaineering history by becoming the first Pakistani woman to conquer the towering Manaslu Peak. Situated in Nepal, Manaslu Peak stands tall at an awe-inspiring height of 8,163 meters above sea level, making it the eighth-highest mountain in the world.

Naila embarked on her challenging journey to scale this formidable peak on a Wednesday morning, a journey that would soon become a testament to her unwavering determination and remarkable skill. Today, at precisely 7:15 AM, Naila Kiani reached the summit, marking an extraordinary milestone not only in her own career but also for women mountaineers in Pakistan.

What sets Naila Kiani apart is her extraordinary list of accomplishments. She is not only the first Pakistani woman to conquer Manaslu but also the first from her country to scale an astonishing nine peaks that rise above 8,000 meters. Her previous triumphs include conquering the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, as well as K2, Nanga Parbat, Annapurna, and Broad Peak, among others.

Naila’s passion for mountaineering knows no bounds. Her sights are now set on the lofty peaks of China, where she plans to scale two more mountains this year. Her ultimate goal is to conquer all 14 peaks that surpass the 8,000-meter mark, an achievement that would solidify her position as one of the world’s most accomplished mountaineers.

It’s worth noting that Naila Kiani made headlines in July last year when she became the first Pakistani woman to ascend Nanga Parbat, famously known as the ‘Killer Mountain.’ Nanga Parbat, standing tall at 8,126 meters, is notorious for its treacherous terrain, unstable glaciers, frequent avalanches, and unpredictable storms. Naila undertook this formidable challenge alongside a group of approximately 40 climbers, including international mountaineers, highlighting her remarkable courage and dedication.

Among Naila’s fellow Pakistani climbers during the Nanga Parbat expedition were Wajidullah Nagar and Samina Baig, both of whom have also contributed significantly to the field of mountaineering.

Naila Kiani’s historic achievement in scaling Manaslu Peak not only breaks barriers but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring mountaineers, especially women, in Pakistan and around the world. Her relentless pursuit of excellence in the face of adversity showcases the strength of human determination and the boundless heights that can be reached with unwavering dedication.

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As Naila continues her remarkable mountaineering journey, the world watches in awe and anticipation, eager to witness her conquer new heights and set even more records in the realm of mountain climbing.


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