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Making History: Multan Sultans Appoint First Female General Manager, Journalist Hijab Zahid

In a groundbreaking move, the Multan Sultans, previous champions of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), have etched their name in history by appointing Hijab Zahid as their inaugural female general manager. Stepping into the role previously held by Haider Azhar, Zahid’s appointment marks a significant stride towards gender equality in the cricketing world.

Zahid’s appointment is particularly noteworthy as it places her among a select group of female general managers within T20 franchises globally. Having secured the PSL title in 2021 and consistently being finalists in the past three editions, the Multan Sultans are navigating a period of transition following the recent passing of Alamgir Tareen, a pivotal figure in the franchise’s journey.

At 28 years of age, Hijab Zahid brings a fresh perspective to her role, coupled with a wealth of experience as a sports journalist. Her extensive understanding of sports dynamics, combined with her master’s degree in Project Management from the University of Hertfordshire, makes her a unique asset to the franchise. Notably, her earlier role as a media manager for Islamabad United has honed her skills for the new responsibilities she is set to undertake.

Alamgir Tareen, the driving force behind the Multan Sultans’ achievements, expressed his utmost confidence in Zahid’s capabilities. “I recognized that Hijab Zahid possesses talents beyond the demands of her previous role, and she was my immediate choice for this position,” he shared. In a bid to foster diversity and inclusivity within the franchise, Ali Tareen, following in his father’s footsteps, announced intentions to onboard three female coaches before the commencement of the upcoming PSL season.

Zahid herself sees her appointment as more than a symbolic gesture for gender inclusivity. Her aim is to modernize the franchise’s work culture while being an efficient administrator. “Breaking the mold as a woman in authority comes with unique challenges. Overcoming cultural barriers where men may not be accustomed to taking directions from a woman is one such hurdle,” Zahid commented.

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The sports community and fans at large have applauded Multan Sultans’ move towards inclusivity and progressive change. With this trailblazing appointment, the franchise is setting an inspiring precedent for cricketing entities worldwide. As the PSL continues to evolve, the Multan Sultans are not only competing on the field but also championing a cause that promises to reshape the industry’s landscape.


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