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Man Arrested after Stabbing an Israeli Embassy Employee in Beijing

Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, an employee of the Israeli embassy in Beijing was stabbed in the streets of Beijing. The attacker has been taken into custody.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed the attack on the embassy employee, emphasizing that the assault did not occur within the embassy compound. The injured employee is in stable condition, and the motive behind the attack is under investigation.

The attack drew strong reactions from the United States, with US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns expressing shock and pledging full support to the Israeli embassy and community in China. The incident occurred at a time when Muslims worldwide held large protests after Friday prayers in response to Israel’s intense bombing campaign in Gaza, prompted by Hamas’s attack to southern Israel.

Israel also criticized China for its initial statement regarding the Hamas attack. Israel’s Foreign Ministry conveyed its “deep disappointment” to China’s envoy for the Middle East, emphasizing that there was no clear and clear condemnation of Hamas’s actions and the abduction of innocent civilians.

China responded by expressing opposition to acts that harm civilians and violate international law. The Chinese Foreign Minister announced that China’s Middle East envoy would soon travel to the region to work toward a ceasefire and de-escalation.

China has historically supported the Palestinians’ call for an independent state and believes both Israel and Palestine have the right to establish their states. Anti-Semitic remarks on Chinese social media have surged since the conflict began, prompting the Israeli Embassy in Beijing to filter comments on its Chinese social media account.

Chinese state media have pointed to the United States as a source of tensions in the region, aligning with the Chinese government’s narrative to undermine the US’s international standing.

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The United States remains a top ally of Israel, and US officials have expressed support for Israel, deploying military assets to deter further escalation. US Ambassador Nicholas Burns condemned the attack in Beijing, and US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer voiced concerns during his recent visit to China, leading to a clarification of China’s stance on civilian casualties in the conflict.


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