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Lake City Roof Gardens: Tower 3 Booking Open at 1% Monthly Plan

Lake City Roof Gardens, the largest vertical community in Pakistan, invites you to embark on a journey of luxury living with the opening of Tower 3 bookings. This exclusive opportunity offers a unique 1% per month payment plan, allowing you to secure your dream home in this extraordinary development. Designed by the renowned architect Mr. Nayyar Ali Dada, Lake City Roof Gardens promises a lifestyle beyond compare.

Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury with exclusive 2 and 3-bedroom apartments meticulously designed by the legendary Mr. Nayyar Ali Dada. Tower 3, the latest addition to this vertical community, aims to redefine living standards, providing residents with an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary living experience.

Experience opulence like never before with the largest sky infinity pool in Pakistan, a distinctive feature of Lake City Roof Gardens. This architectural marvel adds a touch of grandeur, allowing residents to enjoy breathtaking views while indulging in leisure and relaxation.

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Conveniently situated on the Ring Road Lake City Interchange, Tower 3 ensures easy accessibility and connectivity. The strategic location enhances the overall value of your investment, promising a lifestyle that seamlessly blends urban convenience with serene surroundings.

Rest assured that your investment is in capable hands, as Tower 3 is constructed by the leading company in Pakistan, Izhar Group of Companies, and managed by UNISON, boasting over 30 years of construction expertise across Australia and the Subcontinent. With Tower 1 and Tower 2’s grey structure already 100% complete, and finishing work in progress, Lake City Roof Gardens stands as a testament to quality and reliability.

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Lake City Roof Gardens is committed to offering an unparalleled living experience, with development work progressing day and night. The 1% per month payment plan, spanning over 5 years with a 2.5-year handover, ensures that you can secure your future-ready residence without compromising your current lifestyle.

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Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the luxurious lifestyle of the future at Lake City Roof Gardens Tower 3. With a 1% per month payment plan and world-class amenities, this is an opportunity to invest in not just a home, but an elevated living experience. Book your residence today and embrace the extraordinary at Lake City Roof Gardens.


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