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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Hijab Wearing Women Denied Entry to a Kamala Harris Event

On Tuesday, a video surfaced showing two Muslim women being denied entry to a campaign event for US Vice President Kamala Harris in Nevada. The incident occurred during a “Get The Vote Out” event in Las Vegas, where Harris was speaking. Despite having invitations and wristbands, the women, both wearing hijabs, were told they couldn’t enter.

The first woman questioned why they were being singled out, while the second woman accused the event staff of discrimination, calling it Islamophobic and racist. The staff member apologized, but the women expressed feeling targeted and disgusted. Pro-Palestinian groups condemned the incident, stating that the women had RSVP’d for the event and were denied entry based on their appearance.

The Biden-Harris team has not addressed the situation, and there’s an increased focus on security at events due to protests against President Biden’s foreign policy, particularly related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The administration has hired logistical planner Doug Landry to manage events and balance the expression of opinions without disrupting them.

While volunteers are trained to identify potential protesters, the two Muslim women in Nevada were denied entry, raising concerns about ethnic appearance influencing access. The incident has drawn criticism from the pro-Palestinian community. The Biden-Harris team is preparing for potential similar situations leading up to the Democratic National Convention in August, coordinating with law enforcement for security and First Amendment rights expression.


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