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Father sentenced to death for raping daughter

In a solemn decision, the Sessions Court of Lahore has sentenced a father to death for the heinous crime of raping his own daughter. Additional Sessions Judge Mian Shahid Javed delivered the verdict after careful consideration, following a trial process that spanned several days.

The distressing incident came to light in 2019 when the Sattoo Katla police station took action and filed a case against the accused father, whose identity is being kept confidential to protect the victim.

The court’s decision was reached after a comprehensive examination of the evidence presented by the prosecution and the testimonies of eleven witnesses. This thorough process ensured a fair judgment in this deeply troubling case.

During the pronouncement of the sentence, Judge Mian Shahid Javed underlined the crucial role of a father as a guardian and protector of his children. He expressed profound regret that, in this instance, the father not only violated the fundamental trust that exists in the parent-child relationship, but also inflicted irreparable harm on his daughter’s physical and mental well-being.

The court’s statement further noted that the young girl had not only suffered the physical trauma of sexual abuse, but also endured severe mental anguish. This has resulted in immeasurable damage to her personality and inner being.

This verdict serves as a stark reminder that justice will be served, even when the perpetrator is a parent. It reinforces the commitment of the legal system to safeguard the rights and well-being of every individual, especially the vulnerable.

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The sentencing of the father to death stands as a significant step towards ensuring that the victim receives the justice and protection she deserves. This decision sends a strong message that such reprehensible acts will not be tolerated within society, and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions.


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