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Don’t Wave National Flag with Political Party Flag, Govt Warns

As Pakistan anticipates the forthcoming Independence Day celebrations on August 14th, the government in Islamabad has introduced a series of regulations, one of which pertains to the simultaneous display of the national flag alongside flags representing political parties. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of political party flags and the national flag in vending areas has also been prohibited.

The authorities in Islamabad have directed the local police force to vigilantly oversee their respective regions and ensure compliance with these regulations. This move comes following a recent judicial pronouncement highlighting concerns over the use of vuvuzelas – trumpet-like noise-making devices – during public celebrations. The judiciary’s concern regarding the potential noise disturbances caused by these instruments has prompted the call for preventative measures to be implemented in time for the Independence Day festivities.

Traditionally, in the lead-up to Independence Day, vuvuzelas have been readily available for purchase at kiosks and stalls, alongside an array of celebratory items. In response to this challenge, Judge Syed Anwar Ali Shah has instructed law enforcement agencies to take decisive action against the distribution and usage of vuvuzelas, which are notorious for their high decibel noise output.

Judge Shah has specifically mandated the police in designated areas to adopt stringent measures to curb the selling and utilization of these noise-producing toys. In doing so, they are expected to adhere to the established stipulations outlined in the Pakistan Penal Code.

This initiative to curtail the concurrent display of the national flag and political party flags aims to preserve the sanctity and respect associated with the national emblem during important national celebrations. By dissociating the national flag from the political symbols of specific parties, the government seeks to uphold the unity and significance that the flag represents for all citizens, transcending political affiliations.

In addition to upholding the visual sanctity of the national flag, the judicial stance against vuvuzelas aligns with the broader objective of ensuring that public celebrations remain inclusive, respectful, and harmonious. By preventing potential noise disruptions, authorities aim to foster an environment conducive to both commemoration and enjoyment for all citizens.

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As Independence Day approaches, the enforcement of these regulations underlines the government’s commitment to maintaining the dignity of national symbols and promoting a shared spirit of patriotism and unity. Through these measures, Pakistan aspires to celebrate its independence with a collective display of pride and honor, while also ensuring the comfort and respect of all its citizens.


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