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4 Dead, 14 Injured as Lahore continues to receive heavy rain for Second Day

Punjab’s capital, Lahore, experienced a second consecutive day of relentless rainfall, resulting in at least four fatalities and 14 injuries in separate incidents. The downpour caused multiple incidents of structural collapses and disrupted daily life across the city. Rescue teams, including Rescue 1122, responded swiftly to the emergencies, providing immediate assistance and shifting the injured to hospitals for treatment. As the region grapples with the aftermath of the severe weather, efforts are underway to provide free medical care to those affected by the tragic incidents.

In a heartbreaking incident, the roof of a house near Bandianwala Bridge in Lahore’s Amar Sidhu area collapsed, claiming the lives of four individuals. The victims were trapped under the debris, and despite rescue efforts, they could not be saved. Additionally, a 10-year-old child sustained injuries in the same incident and was immediately transported to Lahore General Hospital for medical treatment.

Furthermore, 14 people suffered injuries when a wall of the Government Mozang Teaching Hospital collapsed. These individuals were seeking shelter under the “waiting shade” when the wall gave way, causing injuries of varying degrees. Rescue 1122 promptly arrived at the scene, providing necessary medical attention and transporting the injured to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Response and Medical Assistance

Punjab Interim Health Minister Dr. Javed Akram informed the public that the injured individuals received initial treatment and were subsequently shifted to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital for further care. One of the injured, a 12-year-old boy who sustained head injuries, remains in critical condition. To ensure public safety, the authorities have initiated measures to demolish an adjoining wall that poses a potential threat. Punjab Interim Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi also assured the public that the injured individuals would receive free medical treatment to aid their recovery.

Record-breaking Rainfall and Disrupted Life

The torrential downpour in Lahore shattered a 30-year-old record as the city received over 290mm of rainfall within a span of 10 hours. This extraordinary weather event not only broke previous records but also paralyzed the city, causing widespread disruption. Major roads and connecting streets were inundated, rendering them impassable and severely hampering transportation. The relentless rain affected various aspects of daily life, including businesses, educational institutions, and public services.

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In response to the devastating impact of the heavy rainfall, authorities have launched comprehensive relief efforts to assist affected individuals and restore normalcy. Rescue teams and government agencies are working tirelessly to address the immediate needs of the affected population. Additionally, plans are underway to provide free medical treatment to the injured and support their rehabilitation process.

As Lahore grapples with the aftermath of the second day of heavy rains, the loss of lives and injuries serve as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of communities during extreme weather events. The incidents of structural collapses and the disruption of daily life underscore the importance of robust infrastructure, effective disaster preparedness, and swift response mechanisms. Authorities must continue to prioritize public safety and implement preventive measures to mitigate the impact of such natural disasters. By fostering coordination, community awareness, and support, Punjab can collectively recover from this devastating period and build resilience for future challenges.


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