Sunday, July 7, 2024
Sunday, July 7, 2024
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X (Twitter) Users Can Now Earn Money with Their Posts, Check Details

Great news for social media enthusiasts! The popular platform X, previously known as Twitter, is now offering a fantastic opportunity for users to make money through their posts. The highly anticipated ad revenue sharing program, originally introduced in early July, has been expanded to include users worldwide.

So, how can you start earning from X? It’s straightforward – you just need to meet a few requirements:

  1. Twitter Blue Subscription: To be eligible for the program, users must be subscribed to Twitter Blue, a premium membership that offers exclusive features and benefits.
  2. Minimum 500 Followers: You must have at least 500 followers on your X account. It’s time to engage with your audience and build a strong following if you haven’t reached this milestone yet.
  3. 1.5 Million Impressions: Over the last three months, your posts should have accumulated a minimum of 1.5 million impressions. This metric reflects the overall engagement and reach of your content.

Once you meet these prerequisites and qualify for the program, there’s just one more step to get your hands on that sweet cash. You need to create a Stripe account, which is a secure and straightforward payment platform. This account will facilitate the transfer of your earnings from X to your bank account. Rest assured, X aims to make this process as convenient as possible, with a minimum payout threshold of 50 dollars.

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The company made an official statement via X’s platform, expressing their intention to keep the program inclusive and user-friendly. They want to enable all Twitter Blue subscribers to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to monetize their social media presence.

To ensure the authenticity and reliability of the program, X will verify the identity of the participating accounts. This measure not only maintains the platform’s ethical standards but also provides users with peace of mind, knowing they are engaging with legitimate and trustworthy creators.

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So, if you’ve dreamt of turning your passion for posting on X into a source of income, this is the chance you’ve been waiting for. Start growing your following, creating engaging content, and meeting the eligibility criteria – you could be on your way to earning money through X’s ad revenue sharing program. Happy posting and happy earning!


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