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Woman kidnapped 60 Years Ago Finds Her Long-Lost Family in Swat

In a remarkable tale of hope and resilience, a kidnapped woman has finally been reunited with her long-lost family after an astonishing 60 years. Bakhmal Bibi, now 70 years old, approached the Mangalwar police station in Swat, Pakistan, just two days ago, seeking assistance in finding her family. Her emotional journey began when she revealed that she had been abducted from her village in Swat at the tender age of 10 and taken to Nawab Shah in Sindh province. Little did she know that her plea for help would lead her back to her loved ones.

The police, determined to help Bakhmal Bibi, wasted no time in investigating her case. Their relentless efforts ultimately paid off when they were able to track down her brother, Mushta Gul, who resides in Swat. The reunion between the long-separated siblings was an incredibly emotional and joyous moment. After 60 years of uncertainty and longing, they were finally able to embrace each other and celebrate their long-awaited reunion.

Bakhmal Bibi expressed her gratitude for finding her brother, especially considering that both their parents had passed away. Though they were unable to share this joyous occasion, she expressed immense relief and happiness in knowing that she had found a piece of her family. She plans to spend a few days with Mushta Gul before returning to Nawab Shah, where she has built a life for herself over the past six decades.

Mushta Gul, on the other hand, had never given up hope of finding his sister. The memories of her abduction had haunted him throughout his life, leaving a painful void that could only be filled by her return. With unwavering determination, he held onto the belief that they would be reunited one day. Now, seeing his sister standing before him, he was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. The decades-long separation had finally come to an end, and their lives were forever changed.

This heartwarming story serves as a powerful reminder that hope and perseverance can triumph over the passage of time. Despite the many years that had slipped away, Bakhmal Bibi and Mushta Gul’s reunion shows us that it is never too late for families to be reunited. Their story gives hope to countless others who may find themselves longing for lost loved ones, encouraging them to hold on to the possibility of a happy ending.

The joyous occasion of this reunion resonates deeply within the community of Swat and beyond. It serves as a testament to the dedication and commitment of the police in pursuing justice and reuniting families. Their relentless efforts in tracking down Mushta Gul and connecting him with his long-lost sister demonstrate the invaluable role law enforcement can play in facilitating reunions and bringing closure to families affected by abduction or separation.

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As Bakhmal Bibi and Mushta Gul begin their journey of catching up on the lost years, their story inspires us all to cherish the bonds of family and appreciate the precious moments spent together. It serves as a reminder that love and connection transcend time and distance, and that even after six decades, a family can be made whole again. May their story ignite hope in the hearts of others and serve as a powerful testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit.


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