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UK Policeman’s dance with Indians goes viral

London: UK police cop Nick participated in a demonstration of solidarity for the Khalistani attack, by dancing to a Bollywood song with members of the Indian-origin community outside the Indian High Commission in London on Wednesday.

In a display of unity, the individuals from the Indian-origin community congregated outside the Indian High Commission in London, following the incident where pro-Khalistan protesters had taken down the Indian flag. During this demonstration, Nick, a police officer from the UK, participated by dancing to a Bollywood song as a gesture of support.

Nick, speaking to the social media news channel, expressed his joy at the positive atmosphere of the event and the opportunity for community engagement. The demonstration included individuals from various backgrounds, with some attending on a personal basis and others representing organizations. Many participants displayed their support by painting the tri-color on their cheeks, adding a vibrant splash of color to the event.

Sarika Handa, a member of the Inspiring Indian Woman organization, stated, the purpose of the demonstration was to demonstrate solidarity and unity among individuals, regardless of their origin. The event was meant to send a message that, despite any attacks or challenges, the community will continue to come together in large numbers to demonstrate their strength and support.

Ikra Khan, an enthusiastic participant at the demonstration, expressed her strong connection to her Indian heritage, despite having lived in and visited ten different countries. She conveyed that the event was a celebration of community, bringing together individuals from diverse regions of India, and expressed her pride in the day’s proceedings.

The demonstration concluded with some attendees proceeding to the balcony, where the Indian flag had been taken down by pro-Khalistan protesters on March 19. From there, they waved the tri-color and sang the national anthem.

Clashes between the Indians and the Khalistan supporters reached London where both sides occasionally take out to the streets in the favour of their prospective.


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