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Supreme Court Urged to take suo motu notice of petrol price surge

In a recent development, an application has been lodged with the Human Rights Cell of the Supreme Court, calling for the court’s intervention regarding the escalating prices of petroleum products.

Local lawyer Advocate Mudassar Chaudhry has submitted this application, seeking a suo motu notice in response to the mounting costs of petroleum goods. The plea highlights that the constant surge in prices, coupled with the increasing inflation rate, has pushed the economically disadvantaged to tragic extents, even driving some to take their own lives.

The application underlines that each citizen is entitled to the fundamental right to a dignified life, as enshrined in the law. It appeals to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, urging them to initiate suo motu proceedings on this critical matter, emphasizing the nation’s reliance on the Chief Justice’s leadership in times of distress.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Finance announced a significant hike in the price of petrol, which now stands at Rs290.45 after an increase of Rs17.50 per litre. Moreover, the cost of high-speed diesel witnessed a rise of Rs20 per litre, bringing the new price to Rs293.40 per litre.

On a positive note, the prices for light-speed diesel and kerosene oil have remained unaffected by this adjustment.

Looking ahead, the next modification in petroleum product rates is scheduled for August 31. This ongoing fluctuation in prices has sparked concerns across the country, prompting the public and legal professionals alike to seek intervention from the Supreme Court.

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As the nation grapples with economic challenges, the call for the judiciary to intervene in matters of national interest becomes all the more significant. The Supreme Court’s potential intervention could provide a ray of hope for citizens facing the brunt of price hikes, offering the possibility of relief and a more secure economic future. All eyes are now on the Chief Justice as the public awaits the court’s response to this pressing issue.


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