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Sunday, July 7, 2024
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Sonam Bajwa Applauds Naseem Shah’s Heartwarming Gesture

Indian actress and model Sonam Bajwa shared a heartwarming video on her Instagram Story recently. The video featured Pakistani cricketer Naseem Shah comforting a young fan who was crying. In the video, Shah approached the child and offered him an autograph to cheer him up. He even jokingly mentioned that he could get Babar Azam’s autograph for the kid. Sonam Bajwa found the interaction adorable and shared it with a white heart emoji, praising Shah’s kind gesture.

Bajwa is known for her admiration for Pakistani celebrities, including Fawad Khan. She once again expressed her crush on him in an interview while promoting her film “Kudi Haryane Val Di.” Bajwa jokingly suggested that Fawad should be considered Punjab’s son-in-law, but she also acknowledged that he might feel embarrassed by such comments. Fawad Khan has gained popularity in India through his roles in various films, further solidifying Bajwa’s admiration for him.

Sonam Bajwa’s fascination with Fawad Khan dates back to 2022 when she confessed her admiration for him in an interview with Connect FM Canada. She hinted at having feelings for someone who was already married, alluding to her crush on Fawad Khan.


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