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Shoaib Akhtar Slams ICC for Leaving Out Babar Azam for ODI World Cup 2023 Promo

Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar has taken a strong stance against the International Cricket Council (ICC) for excluding Babar Azam from the official promotional video of the ODI World Cup 2023. The cricketing world was abuzz with excitement when the ICC released the promotional video featuring Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. However, Akhtar expressed his disappointment and criticized the ICC’s decision to leave out Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, from the much-anticipated video.

Babar Azam is undeniably one of the brightest stars in the cricketing firmament. With his exceptional batting skills and remarkable leadership qualities, he has earned the respect and admiration of fans and experts alike. As Pakistan’s captain, Babar plays a pivotal role in guiding the team and leading by example. His inclusion in the promotional video would have not only boosted Pakistan’s representation but also added a touch of star power to the entire campaign.

Promotional videos play a crucial role in generating enthusiasm and anticipation among cricket fans for major events like the ODI World Cup. It is an opportunity to showcase the talent and charisma of the players who will be competing on the grand stage. By featuring popular celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, the ICC aims to attract a wider audience beyond traditional cricket enthusiasts. However, the absence of a prominent figure like Babar Azam raises questions about the video’s fairness and inclusivity.

Shoaib Akhtar’s criticism is not merely about personal preferences or biases; it reflects a broader concern about recognizing and valuing players from all participating nations. While celebrities can undoubtedly add glitz to promotional campaigns, it should not come at the cost of sidelining deserving cricketers who have worked hard to reach the pinnacle of their sport.

The ODI World Cup is a celebration of cricket, a sport that has a profound impact on millions of lives around the globe. It is a platform where players from diverse backgrounds come together to display their skills and passion for the game. By featuring players like Babar Azam in the promotional video, the ICC could have highlighted the spirit of unity and sportsmanship that the World Cup represents.

Moreover, Babar Azam’s inclusion would have served as an inspiration for young cricketers and fans, especially those from Pakistan. Seeing their captain being recognized on an international stage would have given them a sense of pride and motivation to pursue their cricketing dreams. Inclusivity and representation matter, and the ICC missed a chance to set a positive example through its promotional efforts.

While Shah Rukh Khan’s presence in the video may draw attention from movie lovers, cricket fans also want to see their cricketing heroes being acknowledged. Babar Azam’s immense talent and dedication to the sport have earned him a massive fan following, not only in Pakistan but also worldwide. He has been a consistent performer and a crucial player for his team, making his absence from the promotional video all the more puzzling.

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Shoaib Akhtar’s criticism has sparked a debate among cricket enthusiasts, with many echoing his sentiments about the need for a fair representation of players from all teams. The ICC should take this feedback seriously and ensure that future promotional campaigns strike a balance between star power and showcasing the sporting talents participating in the World Cup.

Shoaib Akhtar’s criticism of the ICC’s decision to leave out Babar Azam from the ODI World Cup 2023 official promo raises important questions about inclusivity and representation in cricket. Babar Azam’s absence is seen as a missed opportunity to celebrate one of the game’s brightest stars and inspire young cricketers worldwide. Promotional videos should not only aim to attract a diverse audience through celebrity endorsements but also give due recognition to the players who make cricket a sport loved by millions. As the ODI World Cup draws near, it’s essential for the ICC to be mindful of such concerns and ensure that the spirit of cricket remains at the forefront of its promotional efforts.


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