Thursday, April 11, 2024
Thursday, April 11, 2024
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Shahid Afridi Faces Criticism Over Political Comments

Former Pakistan cricket team captain Shahid Afridi has sparked controversy following comments he made regarding the country’s political landscape. Afridi’s remarks, made during a talk at Pakistan’s embassy in the UK, centered around the need for harmony and unity between the opposition and the government.

Afridi emphasized the importance of collaboration for national progress, stating that individuals from both sides of the political spectrum must come together for the greater good. He also touched upon the topic of amnesty, asserting that only institutions have the authority to grant such concessions, not the Prime Minister.

However, Afridi’s statements did not sit well with supporters of the PTI party, who criticized him online. Calls for boycotting Afridi’s businesses and charitable foundations emerged, prompting the former cricket captain to issue a clarification.

In response, Afridi expressed his admiration for Imran Khan, asserting that he harbored no ill will towards him. He defended his right to express his opinions while urging individuals to maintain civility in disagreement. Moreover in his tweet he shared, “I have not taken even a single rupee from all these projects till date, but I have provided all kinds of resources to run them.”


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