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Saudi football club signs Pakistan captain Maria Khan

In an exciting move for women’s football, the Eastern Flames FC, a football club based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, has proudly announced the signing of Maria Khan, the captain of Pakistan’s women’s football team. This groundbreaking signing marks a significant step forward for both Maria Khan and the Saudi Women’s Premier League.

At 31 years old, Maria Khan has achieved the remarkable distinction of becoming the first Pakistani female footballer to secure a contract with a Saudi club. Her leadership skills were prominently displayed when she was named captain of the Pakistan women’s team during the SAFF Women’s Championship, a triumphant return to the tournament last year. Under her guidance, the team showcased impressive progress, gaining recognition for their performance.

Maria’s signing for this season with Eastern Flames FC is anticipated to fortify the team’s first women’s squad as they compete in the prestigious women’s premier league. The announcement was made via the club’s microblogging platform, celebrating her addition with the words, “Maria Khan joins the ranks of Eastern Flames FC.” The club’s management expressed their eagerness to incorporate the talents of the first foreign professional player to enhance the strength of their women’s team in the league.

Elated about this new chapter in her career, Maria Khan expressed her hopes that her participation in an international club would shine a light on the hidden potential of Pakistani athletes. She passionately stated, “I hope this starts to create opportunities for Pakistani athletes and the talent that a lot of times goes unnoticed.” This move is expected to not only raise the profile of Maria Khan herself but also pave the way for other Pakistani talents to be recognized on the global stage.

The diverse roster of the Eastern Flames FC includes players not only from Pakistan but also from countries such as Colombia, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. This multinational composition reflects the club’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment within women’s football.

It’s worth noting that the Eastern Flames FC faced challenges in their debut season in the Saudi Premier League, winning only two out of 14 matches. However, the addition of Maria Khan to their team holds the promise of injecting new energy and expertise that could potentially lead to improved results in the upcoming season.

Maria Khan’s football journey has seen her represent WAPDA in Pakistan, where her skills and dedication to the sport have shone through. Earlier this year, she caught the attention of the football community with a remarkable goal scored during a free-kick, leveling the game against Saudi Arabia in a four-nation tournament.

Before Maria Khan, Hajra Khan made history by becoming the first Pakistani female footballer to be signed by a foreign club. Her signing with the SHR Football Club of Maldives in 2014 marked a pivotal moment for Pakistani women’s football, and Maria’s recent signing is expected to carry forward this legacy of progress and achievement.

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Maria Khan’s signing with the Eastern Flames FC represents a significant advancement in the realm of women’s football, not only for her personal career but also for the visibility and recognition of Pakistani athletes on the international stage. As she takes her place among the talented roster of the Saudi Women’s Premier League, Maria’s journey is poised to inspire and uplift the aspirations of athletes across Pakistan and beyond.


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