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Saba Qamar Honoured with UAE golden visa

Renowned Pakistani film and television actress, Saba Qamar, happily announced that she has been granted a prestigious golden visa by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the esteemed actress expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the UAE for bestowing this honor upon her, emphasizing how much she values and appreciates the opportunity to be a part of the UAE community.

Saba extended her thanks to the dedicated consultants who guided her throughout the entire visa application process, praising their unwavering support. She credited @gcclegalconsultants for playing a pivotal role in making this achievement possible and conveyed her heartfelt affection and appreciation.

“I am deeply thankful to the UAE government for granting me the Golden Visa. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for welcoming me into your country. The assistance provided by @gcclegalconsultants has been invaluable, and I am sending abundant love and appreciation your way!” Qamar expressed with genuine warmth.

As a symbolic gesture of her newfound connection, Saba Qamar shared a series of pictures featuring the flags of both Pakistan and the UAE, symbolizing the bond between the two nations.

The UAE government’s official website explains that the golden visa represents a long-term residence visa that offers exclusive privileges to foreign individuals, allowing them to reside, work, or study in the country. Notably, recipients of the golden visa include investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, exemplary students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers, and frontline heroes, each contributing uniquely to the UAE’s diverse and thriving community.

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Saba Qamar’s recognition with the UAE golden visa serves as a testament to her accomplishments and contributions in the world of entertainment. The UAE’s gesture of embracing talents from various fields underlines its commitment to fostering an inclusive and vibrant society.

Saba Qamar’s journey to receiving the golden visa reflects her dedication and prominence as an artist. The golden visa not only signifies her personal achievement but also highlights the UAE’s willingness to embrace and celebrate global talents.


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