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Punjab Police Arrest, ‘Mistreats’ World Snooker Champion Ahsan Ramzan

A shocking incident occurred when Punjab police allegedly detained Ahsan Ramzan, the world-famous snooker champion and Asian Under-21 champion. Ahsan himself shared a video message detailing the incident, where he was taken into custody after the police raided the snooker academy late at night.

Ahsan was at the snooker academy in Township area, practicing with fellow players for upcoming events when officers from Green Town Police Station arrived. The police wanted the club to close for the night, but Ahsan and his colleagues refused, as they were seriously training for their matches.

Unfortunately, the police did not pay heed to Ahsan’s explanations and instead took him to the police station. They even confiscated his mobile phone and belt before locking him up. Fortunately, Ahsan’s close friend managed to reach the police station and secure his release.

The incident left Ahsan deeply upset, and he could be seen crying in the video while recounting the ordeal. Pictures captured the moment when Ahsan put his belt back on after being released from jail.

During the encounter, Ahsan told the policemen about his achievements as the world champion, but they appeared indifferent, responding callously that he achieved those accolades for himself. Feeling humiliated in his own country, Ahsan expressed his disappointment at the treatment he received despite bringing glory to Pakistan through his victories.

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He also expressed his concern that snooker seemed to be a neglected sport in the country, treated as an “orphan.” Despite his efforts to uplift the name of Pakistan in the international snooker community, Ahsan felt let down by the lack of recognition and respect from the authorities.

In light of this distressing incident, Ahsan Ramzan has called for a thorough investigation into the matter and has reached out to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Punjab Inspector General of Police Usman Anwar to ensure that justice is served.

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This incident has brought attention to the importance of recognizing and supporting talented athletes who bring honor to their nation, emphasizing the need for fair treatment and appreciation for their efforts in promoting sports in the country.


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