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PSL 9 likely to be moved out of Pakistan

Lahore, September 21, 2023 – Speculation is rife that the ninth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) may no longer grace Pakistani grounds and instead find its new home in Dubai. This development has prompted an emergency meeting of the PSL Governing Council, scheduled for September 25, as franchise owners express their concerns over the state of PSL affairs.

This gathering will be significant as it marks the inaugural meeting under the leadership of Zaka Ashraf, who now heads the PCB Management Committee. Sources suggest that franchise owners are frustrated by the perceived sluggishness in the management, with lingering worries about the expenses incurred during PSL 8.

One major bone of contention among franchise owners is the lack of consultation regarding the appointment of the PSL head. Additionally, concerns have arisen over the scheduling of the PSL window, set for February-March, as franchises were not consulted about these dates.

The challenges faced by franchises are further complicated by overlapping with leagues in the UAE and South Africa. Moreover, franchise owners are anxious about foreign cricketers committing to other leagues, which could potentially affect player availability for PSL.

While the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is considering moving to Dubai, citing expected elections and local administrative expenses, there is a significant amount of internal dissent about this venue change. Franchise owners argue that relocating it at this juncture could be detrimental to the league’s growth and the enthusiasm of its loyal Pakistani fan base.

The fate of PSL 9 and the possible relocation to Dubai will take center stage during the upcoming Governing Council meeting. Stakeholders, including franchise owners, the PCB, and the newly appointed leadership, will engage in crucial discussions to address these pressing concerns and chart a path forward for the league.

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As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome of the meeting on September 25, the future hangs in the balance, with hopes that a solution can be found that satisfies both franchise owners and the overarching interests of the league’s continued success.


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