Thursday, April 11, 2024
Thursday, April 11, 2024
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Police Seize WagonR ‘Helicopter’ Car for Violating Motor Act Rules in India

Two brothers had turned their Maruti Wagon R into what they called a “car copter” with plans to rent it out for weddings and earn money.

A video showing their innovative creation went viral. It showed the car transformed into a helicopter, complete with a tail and rotor, parked outside a police station, attracting curious onlookers and law enforcement officers.

Their hopes were dashed when the police in Ambedkar Nagar seized the vehicle while they were getting it painted. A senior police officer confirmed that they had seized the vehicle for Violating Motor Act Rules.

Meanwhile, social media users flooded the comments section with praise for the brothers’ creativity. One user emphasized the importance of respecting and encouraging innovation for societal progress, while another expressed amazement at the invention.

Some criticized the authorities for not appreciating talent and suggested that institutions like IIT should take notice of such innovations.


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