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PMDC Extends MDCAT 2023 Date to September 10

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has announced a new date for the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) 2023. Originally set to occur on August 23, the exam will now take place on September 10. This decision was conveyed through an official notification issued by PMDC on August 15.

The MDCAT 2023 assessment will follow a standardized syllabus policy that applies uniformly across the entire nation. The entrance exam’s syllabus will remain consistent with that of the previous year. This rescheduling offers aspiring medical and dental students additional time to prepare effectively for the upcoming examination.


In an interesting turn of events, a gathering of foreign graduates gathered outside the PMDC headquarters in Islamabad earlier today. Their main demand was a revision of the scheduled MDCAT 2023 date and a reduction in the passing percentage required for foreign graduates.

The focal point of their protest revolved around the assertion that the stipulated passing percentage of 70% is notably higher than the benchmarks set by most countries across the world. They questioned the rationale behind imposing such stringent criteria, especially considering that these foreign graduates have already fulfilled the prerequisites for gaining admission to medical schools in their home countries.

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The decision to postpone the MDCAT exam date might offer these concerned foreign graduates an opportunity to voice their concerns more effectively. However, it remains to be seen how these demands will be addressed by the PMDC and whether any modifications will be made to the existing policies.

As the newly scheduled MDCAT date of September 10 approaches, students across Pakistan, both local and foreign graduates, will have more time to prepare for this crucial examination that will shape their future endeavors in the field of medicine and dentistry.


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