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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Only 398 Candidates Passed CSS Exams from OVER 13,000 Candidates

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has unveiled the results of the highly anticipated Central Superior Services (CSS) examination for the year 2023. This challenging exam attracts thousands of hopeful candidates aiming to embark on a career in Pakistan’s civil services.

Key Statistics:

Total Applicants: An astonishing 28,024 candidates submitted applications for the CSS examination, underscoring the considerable interest and determination among individuals aspiring to serve in Pakistan’s civil services.

Exam Participants: Out of the massive pool of applicants, 13,008 candidates braved the rigorous CSS exam. This indicates that not all who initially applied took the daunting examination.

Successful Candidates: The FPSC has reported that only 398 candidates achieved success in the examination. These individuals met the stringent criteria and secured the qualifications required to advance further in the CSS selection process.

Success Rate: The success rate for the written portion of the CSS exam was notably low, standing at approximately 3.06 percent. This figure is derived by considering the number of candidates who passed the written examination in relation to the total number of participants in the written section.

The CSS examination is renowned for its arduous and competitive nature. It is comprised of various written papers and interviews, evaluating candidates on a wide spectrum of subjects and skills. Triumphing in the CSS exam is a remarkable feat as it unlocks opportunities for a career in Pakistan’s civil services, enabling individuals to serve the nation in various administrative and leadership capacities.

The meager success rate underscores the formidable challenge posed by the CSS exam and underscores the dedication and preparation required to excel. Candidates who do emerge victorious in this examination demonstrate an exceptional level of knowledge, skills, and commitment to public service, rendering them well-suited for roles within Pakistan’s civil services.

Achieving success in examination is a testament to a candidate’s unwavering determination and their ability to master an array of subjects, from political science to economics and beyond. It requires countless hours of rigorous study, continuous self-improvement, and a deep understanding of the nation’s issues and governance.

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As the results of the CSS 2023 examination are unveiled, it is clear that the path to public service in Pakistan is not for the faint-hearted. However, for the select few who persevere and succeed, the rewards are substantial. They gain the privilege of contributing to the betterment of the nation, shaping policies, and making a meaningful impact on the lives of its citizens.


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