Friday, May 17, 2024
Friday, May 17, 2024
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One FC Official Martyred in the Warsak Road explosion in Peshawar

A blast on Monday reportedly targeted a security forces vehicle in Peshawar’s Warsak road area, killing at least one Frontier Corps (FC) employee and injuring 11 others.

Three civilians and eight FC employees were injured in the bomb blast that occurred close to the Machni Gate police station.

While expressing his sorrow over the unfortunate event, Superintendent Warsak Division claimed that the explosion appeared to be an an improvised explosive device “IED” explosion. He further stated that inquiry is under way and that the Bomb Disposal Unit’s report would provide more information regarding the explosion’s nature

Following the attack, security authorities surrounded the area and rescue workers took the injured to local hospitals.

First, the injured were taken to Prime Hospital. The Rescue 1122 team is currently moving  them to Lady Reading Hospital for more care.

Four bomb victims received urgent medical attention and, thankfully, are no longer in danger, according to a hospital representative from the Lady Reading Hospital.


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