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Obama Shows Support With The Palestinian People

According to former President Barack Obama, there can be no resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem until the “complexity” of the situation is recognized. Former President Barack Obama emphasized that the actions carried out by Hamas are inexcusable. He also highlighted the difficult conditions faced by Palestinians due to the ongoing occupation.

He pointed out that while Hamas’s actions, such as a killing spree on October 7 in southern Israel, are horrific and cannot be justified, the situation for Palestinians living under occupation is also extremely challenging. He stressed the importance of understanding the truth about these events and how everyone shares some responsibility.

Obama expressed concern that an Israeli ground operation in Gaza could have negative consequences, potentially increasing support for extremism and harming Israel’s long-term security. He urged all sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict to recognize the complexity of the situation and the valid concerns of all parties involved.

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He also mentioned the historical context of the Jewish people and the significance of addressing the issue of antisemitism. Obama highlighted that there are innocent people suffering in the conflict who are not responsible for the actions of Hamas.

According to the Gaza health ministry, the conflict has resulted in a significant loss of life, with over 9,480 Gazans, including many women and children, losing their lives due to Israeli airstrikes and an intensifying ground campaign.


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