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Nadia Jamil hails Wahaj Ali’s Masterful Performance in ‘Teri Meri Kahaniyaan’

Nadia Jamil, a well-known actor, took to Twitter recently to express her deep admiration for Wahaj Ali’s exceptional performance in the anthology film, Teri Meri Kahaniyaan. Jamil’s heartfelt praise highlighted Ali’s remarkable talent and the profound impact he made on the audience with his craft.

Nadia Jamil’s Twitter thread began with her emotional response to the film, confessing that she was moved to tears during the screening. She described Ali’s appearance on the screen as a breath of fresh air, bringing a radiant energy that captivated everyone present. “Obviously, I cried at the end,” Jamil wrote. “Because when he came on the screen, [it was] like a breath of fresh air transforming the entire hall.”

The actor commended Ali’s portrayal, emphasizing that his performance was so beautiful that she learned something from it. Referring to him as her younger brother, Jamil praised Ali for surpassing himself and showcasing his growth as an actor in Teri Meri Kahaniyaan. “Because his performance was so beautiful that I learned something from it. Masterful. My little [brother] has surpassed himself in Teri Meri Kahaaniyaan,” wrote the star.

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Nadia Jamil acknowledged the immense effort and dedication Ali must have put into his role, acknowledging his thoughtful approach and extensive preparation. She also praised Nadeem Baig, the director of Teri Meri Kahaaniyan, for skillfully showcasing Ali’s incredible talent on the silver screen. “His performance seemed effortless, seamless, but knowing Wahaj, I know how hard he must have worked, thought, the effort and listening [that] he must have done. Hats off to Nadeem Baig for showcasing Wahaj’s incredible talent. And a standing ovation to Wahaj for having developed his craft as an actor,” said Jamil encouragingly.

Highlighting Ali’s versatility, Nadia Jamil emphasized his ability to effortlessly convey emotions and nuances through his acting. “We knew he was good, but this was beyond good. The delicate nuances, the gentle vulnerability of his character, the sadness in his eyes, the smile in them, the questions, and the mystery, around his character’s story. Wahaj uses his face masterfully, but his body language is also so easy and comfortable in front of the camera that you don’t feel for a second that it’s a performance. Good actors tell the truth. Their eyes, face, body – nothing lies. They tell their character’s truth,” stated Jamil.

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The pinnacle of Nadia Jamil’s heartfelt admiration came when she shared a personal anecdote involving Ali. She revealed that he had urged her to witness his final expression in the film, prompting her to rush back up the stairs to catch the moment. Overwhelmed by his remarkable performance, Jamil recalled being moved to tears, embracing Ali in an emotional hug while laughter intertwined with her tears. “I did get emotional and gave Pakistan’s phenomenal new star a huge hug, laughing through my tears. And got that shy Wahaj grin in return.”
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Nadia Jamil’s heartfelt Twitter post serves as a testament to the outstanding performance delivered by Wahaj Ali in Teri Meri Kahaniyaan. Her praise for his talent, growth as an actor, and ability to convey deep emotions resonated with fans and highlighted Ali’s rising star in the entertainment industry. Jamil’s enthusiastic recommendation to watch her “little brother” in the film is a testament to the impact of Ali’s performance and his promising future in the industry.


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