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Mystery Light Pillars in Japan’s Night Sky Cause Sensation

In May, a stunning display of light pillars was seen in the sky above Tottori, Japan. Photos of these lights, which appeared to form nine vertical columns, were shared on social media, leading to much speculation about their origin. Some thought they might be cosmic or extraterrestrial.

However, a report from Mothership explained that these lights are actually a phenomenon known in Japan as “Isaribi Kochu,” which means “fish-attracting light pillars.” This happens when fishing boats use bright lights, called “Isaribi,” to attract more fish, especially squid.

The lights were first noticed in Tottori on May 11 and shared on social media. Another user, replied with a similar photo taken 12 kilometers east of Daisen, at Nariishi beach. These images sparked widespread interest and curiosity about the lights’ origin.

According to another report, the light pillars are created under specific weather conditions. When the night temperatures drop enough, ice crystals can form in the atmosphere. If these crystals are large and there’s no precipitation, they can reflect the lights from the fishing boats. This reflection creates the bright, vertical light pillars that can be seen from the shore.


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