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Motorola Unveils Innovative Bendable Smartphone Worn as a Bracelet

Motorola is known for its foldable phones, but they’ve now come up with a new concept that explores a different kind of phone. They’ve introduced a bendable phone concept that can be both a regular smartphone and a fancy digital bracelet.

This new concept, showcased at the Tech World conference, features what they call an “adaptive display.” It uses a 6.9-inch flexible screen that can be bended in multiple ways. You can use it like a regular flat smartphone, in a “tent” mode, bend it back to make it stand on its own, or even twist it into a bracelet that goes around your wrist like an oversized smartwatch.

When it’s flat, it offers a 6.9-inch display. But when you bend it to place it on a flat surface, it transforms into a 4.6-inch display, which is handy for things like using it as a bedside clock. What’s interesting is that it has a fabric backing, which is not something you see in regular smartphones. To wear it on your wrist, it doesn’t rely on just fitting; it uses a magnetic bracelet underneath to keep it securely in place. However, it’s not suitable for activities that involve a lot of movement, like jogging.

adaptive display upright video call

This concept is not ready for purchase yet; it’s more like a demonstration of what technology can do, and The Lenovo-owned brand Motorola wants to gather feedback from people to improve it.

In addition to this innovative phone, Motorola is also working on AI technology. They’ve introduced MotoAI, a personalized AI assistant that can help with various tasks. This AI can access information from the cloud or operate on your device, but they haven’t provided a timeline for when it will be available on Motorola devices.

Motorola is also working on features like a document scanner that uses AI to enhance the quality of scanned documents, a text summarization function that condenses lengthy text into essential points, and a way to hide personal information in social media posts when necessary.

They are also developing a generative AI feature that helps you pick wallpaper that matches your outfit and a privacy model for their AI assistant to protect your information while using it.

This unique phone concept could potentially replace the need for a smartwatch, but we don’t have information about its weight or how comfortable it is for long-term wear, as Motorola has not provided those details yet.


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