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Mawra Hocane shares insights on Relationship Status and significance of Nikkahnama

Mawra Hocane, the renowned Pakistani actor, recently shared her thoughts on various topics in an insightful conversation with Fuchsia Magazine. She discussed her relationship status, the significance of reading the nikkahnama (marriage contract), and the challenging character she played in the upcoming drama series, Nauroz.

When asked about her relationship status, she humorously responded that it would not remain a secret. She expressed her belief that when she finds someone, the world will know about it. She emphasized that she values transparency and that her Instagram is a platform for everyone. Mawra stated that when the time is right and the process is there, she will share her relationship status with the world.

Turning to the importance of the nikkahnama, Mawra highlighted the significance of understanding its clauses. Although she is currently single and hasn’t found anyone with whom she would sign a nikkahnama, she explained that her family places great value on reading the contract thoroughly. Mawra stated that just as her parents did during her sister Urwa Hocane’s marriage, she believes in diligently reading and discussing the nikkahnama with her future partner.

She emphasized, “It’s your life, you have to spend it. You must know the terms on which you’re joining someone else’s life. I’m not diminishing the value of the nikkahnama, but just like you sign a contract for a project, you read the smallest clauses. You’re in agreement with the other party, that is when the contract is signed.”

Coming from a privileged background, Mawra stressed the importance her parents placed on reading the nikkahnama. She acknowledged that reading and discussing contracts, including the nikkahnama, is natural for her. Mawra believes that it is equally important for both parties involved and that it is not just her right but also her future partner’s right to be involved in the process.

In addition to discussing her views on the nikkahnama, Mawra opened up about the challenges she faced while playing the character of Rishtina in Nauroz. She revealed that the scene where her character scavenges for food was a real experience for her. Mawra shared that she intentionally lost weight to portray a young girl convincingly, resulting in a six-kilogram weight loss. This physical transformation and caloric deficit may have contributed to her limited memory of the role.

Regarding the character’s impact on her understanding of the world, Mawra expressed that it had grounded her and altered her perspective on life. She recalled a scene where her character visits a food vendor catering to the needy. Mawra shared that people hesitated to interact with her during the scene, which gave her a glimpse into the daily struggles faced by those in need. This experience deepened her empathy and made her reflect on the challenges faced by individuals living in poverty.

Mawra also addressed the concept of love and fantasies, stating that there is nothing wrong with love and affection. However, she cautioned against the unrealistic expectation of someone swooping in to save us without putting in any effort. Mawra believes that such notions, especially prevalent among girls in society, are naive and misguided. She encouraged individuals to understand the importance of personal growth and taking responsibility for their own lives.

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In this candid conversation, Mawra Hocane provided insights into her thoughts on relationships, the significance of the nikkahnama, and the impact of her role in Nauroz. Her openness and willingness to share her experiences and perspectives contribute to a deeper understanding of these topics, sparking meaningful discussions and introspection.


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