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Mahira Khan Addresses Misbehavior at Quetta Event

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, recently found herself at the center of attention due to an unfortunate incident at an event in Quetta.

The incident happened during an event organized by the Arts Council Karachi in Quetta, where Khan, known for her enthusiastic fan interactions, was engaging with the audience. However, the atmosphere changed when an individual in the audience misbehaved and threw objects towards the actress.

Despite this troubling situation, Khan remained remarkably composed and handled it with great grace. Her response not only reflected her poise but also sparked a broader conversation about crowd conduct at public gatherings. This incident has prompted an outpouring of concern and inquiries regarding the event’s management.

Sharing a video of the incident on Instagram, Mahira Khan acknowledged that what happened was uncalled for. She stated, “No one should think it’s okay to throw something on stage, even if it’s a flower wrapped up in a paper plane. It sets the wrong precedent. It is unacceptable. There are times I get scared, not just for myself, but for others who may be trapped in a mob-like situation.”

Khan handled the situation with remarkable grace, briefly acknowledging it and gently admonishing the person who threw the item.

She continued, “But hear me out — while we were on our way back, someone said, ‘after this, we won’t have an event here.’ I disagreed completely. That is not the solution. Here was a crowd of 10,000 or more… who were showing their love and excitement — the way they know best. Because I could see them, I could see they didn’t know how to contain/express their excitement.”

Khan reflected on the situation, saying, “Whoever the miscreant was, was one out of 10,000. Maybe I should have gotten up and left, maybe the crowd could have been screened, maybe I should not have been put on the spot…lots of could haves and should haves


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