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Made-in-India Apple iPhones Join Global Launch for the First Time

A new report suggests that the iPhone 15, made in India, will be available for sale on the very first day of its launch. This is great news for iPhone buyers in India because they won’t have to wait long to get their hands on the new phones. It’s also a big step forward for the ‘Made-in-India’ initiative. According to sources, Apple intends to release the iPhone 15, which will be manufactured in India, in the South Asian nation. Apart from the iPhones made in India, all other phones will be imported from China.

The iPhone 15 is scheduled to be launched at 10:00 am California time on Tuesday. Apple still makes most of its iPhones in China, but this time, iPhones made in India will be part of the launch day.

Last year, Apple started making the iPhone 14 in India, but it took a few weeks after the launch for those phones to become available. Apple began making iPhones in India with the iPhone SE in 2017 and has been expanding its operations since then. They started making the iPhone 6s in 2018 and the iPhone 7 in 2019.

Now, Apple is planning to offer the iPhone 15, which will be manufactured in India, to customers in the country. Most of the other iPhones will still come from China.

Production of the iPhone 15 in India began at a factory in the southern state of Tamil Nadu last month. This is part of Apple’s strategy to reduce its reliance on China. India offers financial incentives to manufacturers, which attracts Apple’s interest.

India is crucial for Apple’s retail sales as well as its client base and production expansion. Apple recently opened its first stores in India, and iPhone sales in the country grew significantly in the quarter through June.

This news comes as Apple is trying to boost its sales, as it reported declining sales in key markets like the US, China, and Europe in recent months. Other Apple suppliers in India, such as Pegatron Corp. and a Wistron Corp. factory soon to be acquired by the Tata Group, are also expected to assemble the iPhone 15.


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